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Structured Cash Flows

Fixed Income Cash Flow Alternative

A Pension Cash Flow is income that is originally received by a pension recipient which originates from one of several institutions including state and federal government retirement plans or investment-grade corporation pension plans. Current rates can range from 6.5% on a five-year federally-sourced plan to 8% on our 10-year Select Pension Program. The length of the term selected is five or 10 years. A buyer can choose the amount of monthly income desired and the credit risk preferred. Pension Cash Flows offer competitive rates, on predictable income that can be customized to your specific needs.

Pension Source Term New Rates
Federal 60 Months 6.50%
Select Pension Program 60 Months 7.00%
Federal 120 Months 7.00%
Select Pension Program 120 Months 8.00%

Structured Cash Flow Example Payments
Assuming a $100,000 Purchase Prices


Term: 5 Years
Effective Yield: 6.5%
Monthly Payments: $1,937
Total Received: $116,263


Term: 10 years
Effective Yield: 7%
Monthly payments: $1,143
Total Received: $137,228

Select Purchase Program

Term: 5 Years
Effective Yield: 7%
Monthly Payments: $1,959
Total Received: $117,534

Select Pension Program

Term: 10 Years
Effective Yield: 8%
Monthly Payments: $1,191
Total Received: $142,909